About Us

ATG Sheetmetal was established in February 2011, previously known as Dyga & Greenwell, a well established local business which had been in operation since 1969.

Dyga & Greenwell was founded by Herbert Dyga and Ernie Greenwell – they started off small but worked hard to build a reputable company. In 1994, Michael Dyga took over ownership and bought his own talent and knowledge to the table.

After working with Dyga & Greenwell for over 12 years, starting as an apprentice, Andrew Gilding now oversees the day to day running of the business, as well getting his hands dirty helping our clients with their projects.

At ATG Sheetmetal, we work closely with you on your projects to achieve the desired result in the agreed upon timeframe. We pride ourselves on our ability to source Australian made materials and we support local businesses wholeheartedly.

At ATG Sheetmetal, we don’t believe that the Director should sit in an office and hide away, you will always find Andrew on the floor, assisting his team, speaking with customers and getting your projects complete. We pride ourselves on our personal service and love speaking with our customers.

If you would like further information, please contact us.